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Euroblog Survey 2009

Page history last edited by Bruno Amaral 14 years, 2 months ago


- assess if universities have social media as part of the curricula

- if so, identify which platforms are used and how;

- how were the platforms chosen (blogs make sense for some countries while social networks do not, and vice versa)

- detect which obstacles prevent the use/teaching of new platforms;


List of Countries:

euroblog PR Courses - database template

English Short Name English Long Name EUROPEAN UNION Euroblog Wiki Page Country Champions
Albania Republic of Albania      
Andorra Principality of Andorra      
Armenia[1] Republic of Armenia      
Austria Republic of Austria Y    
Azerbaijan[1] Republic of Azerbaijan      
Belarus Republic of Belarus      
Belgium Kingdom of Belgium Y    
Bosnia and Herzegovina        
Bulgaria Republic of Bulgaria Y    
Croatia Republic of Croatia      
Cyprus[2] Republic of Cyprus Y    
Czechia[3] Czech Republic Y    
Denmark Kingdom of Denmark Y    
Estonia Republic of Estonia Y    
Finland Republic of Finland Y    
France French Republic Y    
Georgia[1] Republic of Georgia      
Germany Federal Republic of Germany Y    
Greece - Hellenic Republic Greek: Ελλάδα/ Ελλάς Y    
Hungary Republic of Hungary Y    
Iceland Republic of Iceland      
Ireland   Y University PR Programmes in Éire (Ireland) 

Derek Hodge


Italy Italian Republic Y    
Latvia Republic of Latvia Y    
Liechtenstein Principality of Liechtenstein      
Lithuania Republic of Lithuania Y    
Luxembourg Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Y    
Macedonia Republic of Macedonia      
Malta Republic of Malta Y    
Moldova Republic of Moldova      
Monaco Principality of Monaco      
Montenegro Republic of Montenegro      
Netherlands[9][10] Kingdom of the Netherlands Y    
Norway Kingdom of Norway      
Poland Republic of Poland Y    
Portugal Portuguese Republic Y  

Bruno Amaral

mail (at) brunoamaral.com

Republic of Kazakhstan Kazakh: Қазақстан      
Romania   Y    
Russia[7] Russian Federation      
San Marino Most Serene Republic of San Marino      
Serbia Republic of Serbia      
Slovakia Slovak Republic Y    
Slovenia Republic of Slovenia Y    
Spain Kingdom of Spain Y    
Sweden Kingdom of Sweden Y    
Switzerland Swiss Confederation      
Turkey[7] Republic of Turkey      
United Kingdom also sometimes: Britain or Great Britain.[11] United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Y PR Programmes in UK Universities

Derek Hodge


Vatican City State of the Vatican City      
  Kazakh Transliteration: Qazaqstan      
  Russian: Казахстан      
  Russian Transliteration: Kazakhstán      



Comments (4)

Bruno Amaral said

at 4:09 pm on Oct 3, 2009

I think we have a few things missing from the survey goals.

Will we be targeting universities with PR courses or academics who teach PR? It is possible to try both targets, but that could make it harder to interpret the results.

Derek Hodge said

at 7:57 am on Oct 5, 2009

I think we need to target course and programme leaders.

Surveying courses (through leaders) and all academics who teach PR in European unversities with a single survey instrument is a recipe for a mess.

The first step would seem to be drawing up a list of available courses country by country and then establiushing the names of course leaders.

Bruno Amaral said

at 5:50 pm on Oct 6, 2009

I compiled a first list of courses for portugal. It still needs a lot of work, but can be found here: http://www.brunoamaral.com/wiki/doku.php?id=licenciaturas_e_mestrados_em_relacoes_publicas

Bruno Amaral said

at 6:41 pm on Oct 6, 2009

Just added a list of countries in Europe; It was stripped from wikipedia, so it may contain errors.

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